Jay Jusino is the author of Truth Is Fallen In The Street:  Examining the Pedagogy of Christian Teachers in Public Schools.  Jay has two bachelor’s degrees, one in applied biology an one in secondary biology education.  He is in his 21st year of teaching, the last 13 of which have been in Christian schools.  He is married to Christy and together Jay and Christy have seven children ranging from 16 down to 2 years old, all of which are enrolled at River of Life Academy (that is, in their home).  Jay currently works as the science chair, curriculum director, staff development director, and upper school science teacher, at Friendship Christian School in Suwanee, GA. 

Jay’s passion for educational clarity has developed over his years of being both a student and teacher in many different educational settings, from sitting under teaching in Catholic Catechism classes, state colleges, Bible College, and chiropractic school to teaching in an alternative school, regular public school, charter public school, ACCS Christian school, ACSI Christian school, and finally in his own homeschool.  Through these institutions and experiences, Jay has come to see a common deficiency that many Christian teachers demonstrate, whether it be through ignorance or fear of reprisal, in articulating their subject matter to students in biblically and practically meaningful ways. 

Jay’s niche is to challenge teachers who are Christian to re-think their approach to education.  He asserts that if God is all knowing, and if God is the Creator of all,  then knowledge begins with Him and exists for His purpose.  To leave God out of the teaching is to miss the point of teaching from the very start.  It is his goal to challenge Christian teachers in public schools on exactly this. He does this not by attacking their choice to be in the public setting in order to try to make a difference in the culture, but by challenging them to simply teach in an uncompromising manner by using a truth-based, standard-based, knowledge-based pedagogy, i.e., that is, by teaching student’s subject matter the way it really is – based on God and solely for His purpose.