Knowledge is standard-based.

In order to know something, a foundational and unchanging starting point is necessary. This starting point is used as a reference in order to evaluate and properly discern the nature of facts and information being presented or in question.

God is the ultimate standard.

God is the unchangeable Creator of all things that can be known. He is also omniscient (i.e., all science - or all knowing) then it is only He that can possibly be the ultimate reference point for all facts, information, and data. True knowledge then starts with Him, and real education will reveal this truth.

Teaching ought to be based on His standard of knowledge.

Education should reveal the origin and purpose of knowledge and the reason people can know things at all. Ultimately, it profits a man nothing if he gains the whole world through the things he has been taught in school, and yet forfeits his soul. Students have a right to hear the truth about such things.

Truth Is Fallen In The Street: Examining The Pedagogy of Christian Teachers In Public Scools